Information Snippets

The absolute minimum IPC Android Service I could make work

I’m not a Java programmer by trade, but I do dabble now and again with it. As such, I’m kind of slow when it comes to solving coding problems for the first time.

I’m working on an Android project where I want to:
  • do some processing and background downloads of HTML data in a Service,
  • communicate to the service using IPC
  • build the IPC interface with AIDL
Mostly for my own personal reference in the future, I’ve typed up the bare minimum of code I need to get this going again in the future. Because Blogger doesn’t have the nicest of interfaces for editing this post, I’ve included it in my Snippets page.


shFlags now in OpenCSW tree

A coworker of mine, Maciej Blizinski, has become the proud maintainer of the OpenCSW shflags package for Solaris machines. He also maintaines the log4sh package as well (another of my shell libraries). Grab them if you like!