All of my coding projects are available on GitHub ( Some of my more popular repos are:

shUnit2 – A xUnit based Unix shell script unit test framework similar to JUnit.

tabulate – A script to tabulate textual content from STDIN or from a file.

log4sh – (inactive) A logging framework similar to log4j and log4cxx, but for Unix shell scripts.

shFlags – (inactive) Shell Flags (shFlags) is a library written to greatly simplify the handling of command-line flags in Bourne based Unix shell scripts.

Pro AV

Avid S3L-X and Third-party AVB – I’m working on getting my Avid S3L-X console working with my MOTU AVB devices. I have bi-directional connectivity working, but still have a few things to work on.

Tracks – This is a tool to rename files written by Waves Tracks Live using the Avid VENUE channel names from a patch file export so that I can import them into ProTools. It means I don’t have to type all the track names in by hand, and it also means the tracks are numbered properly so they import in order.

Venue – (inactive) Older Avid audio consoles (e.g. the D-Show and Profile) can be controlled with VNC. I wrote a server that takes TouchOSC inputs from an iPad and translates them into VNC keyboard/mouse movements so that I could do a monitoring mix from the stage. I had the code working at one point, but it is currently in disrepair.


My musings of k8 YouTube channel.